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Meet Eric Tenkorang, eco-tourism enthusiast and adventure junkie

Eric Tenkorang holds down his practice as a computer engineer while managing JAYS Lodge, an afro-rustic, eco-friendly getaway in Kwahu-Obo, and AirJAYS, Ghana’s 1st commercial zip line and privately-owned canopy walkway.

After attending university in Paris and pursuing his own adventures, the 49-year old Tenkorang says he always knew he’d return home to Accra to help change the way people see and experience Ghana.

Video: Selase Kove- Seyram / @selasekove

Entrepreneur, author, and CEO Ibuka Ndjoli says, ‘do it for Africa, not the money’

“We say the entrepreneurial heart is born with you. Even from 14 years old I started my own small business. I realized there were no business cards in Senegal, so I started designing them. At first it was difficult for people to really take me seriously because I was only 14. So, I asked my older cousin to come with me and get the clients, then I was able to do my thing. We made 1 million CFA before I was 15.” – Ibuka Ndjoli

Women’s oyster initiative in Casamance flourishes despite little aid

The Tobor Village Women’s Federation is a Senegalese economic engagement group providing opportunities for local women to gain financial independence and take the challenge of creating sustainable, environmental development into their own hands. The group has started a program called Youlaye – the Wolof word for oysters – that encourages these women to plant mangroves along the Casamance River and cultivate the oysters that grow on them.