You should know

The UN Human Rights Council says it will hold a special session on Burundi later this week (VOA News) while Lily Kuo (@lilkuo) reports on the violence in Bujumbura and says the country is, ‘not on the brink of another genocide but it is descending into chaos’ (Quartz Africa).

Nigeria’s ex-national security advisor, Sambo Dasuki has been charged over an ‘alleged $68m fraud’. Dasuki faces 19 counts of fraud, money laundering and criminal breach of trust. He plead not guilty Monday to all counts at the high court in Abuja (BBC).

And Caelainn Hogan (@CaelainnH) looks at the ‘language of Nigerian money’ and says while some see the removal of Arabic script from banknotes as a step toward ‘de-Islamizing’ Nigeria others simply may call it Islamophobic (The New Yorker).

What We Need

Unregistered land in rural areas and unaffordable homes in its cities make sub-Saharan Africa the world’s smallest mortgage market. With 10s of millions of more people expected to move into the continent’s megacities over the next 15 years, solutions like Rwanda’s computerized land registry reform and investments in sewage systems, roads and other infrastructure will all be needed (The Economist).

Generation Next

At Ghana’s 2015 Millennium Excellence awards, Eunice Onwona (@eonwona) and Selase Kove (@selasekove) took a look at the winners from 15 categories recognized for their leadership, inspiration, and innovation in successfully furthering the country’s development.

Biz Dev

8 African startups and organizations are among those named to the 2015 Nominet Trust 100, a global ‘celebration of the most inspiring uses’ of technology for social good around the world (Disrupt Africa).

Identity & Culture

Fiona Zublin (@bear_foot) visits the ‘#1 African food truck in Paris’ (Ozy) and self-confessed gourmet, Peter Okwoche (@okwoche) travels around London wondering whether African food is, ‘the next gastronomic trend?’ (BBC).

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