You should know

Kenyan police say they have foiled a terrorist plot by a group believed to have links to so-called Islamic State.  The group was allegedly planning “large-scale” attacks intended to kill innocent Kenyans.  Suspects include medical experts who police say were planning to launch an attack using the biological agent anthrax. (VOA)

Zimbabwe is set to print its own version of the US dollar in order to ease a cash shortage in the country. Central bank governor John Mangudya said the cash, known as bond notes, will be backed by $200m (£140m) support from the Africa Export-Import Bank. (BBC)

Property investors in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri are benefiting from a rise in real-estate prices following the retreat of Boko Haram fighters. Maiduguri is the largest city in Borno state, once a stronghold of the fighters and a frequent target for its suicide bombers. (Al Jazeera)

What we need

Africa may have just gotten its first mainstream superhero TV show named JongoJongo is Africa’s first superhero series. The main character Eli King acquires super powers after discovering a stone left to him by his murdered father. He now has to deal with the course of his new life while trying to find his father’s killer. (Techcabal)


The United States has spent $1.4 billion over the last decade on promoting abstinence in Africa as a way to slow the spread of HIV. It hasn’t helped, according to a study published this week in Health Affairsand may be causing more harm than good. (Quartz)

Arts & Culture

Smash musical “Hamilton” rode its history-making winning streak even further with the announcement of a record 16 Tony Award nominations.  According to The New York TimesLin-Manuel Miranda‘s breakout hit received the most nominations of any musical in the Broadway awards’ history. (Colorlines)

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