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On Monday, most of America will take a day to eat eat great food, watch fireworks, and spend time with family and friends. Forbes offers great lessons from Independence Day that could be the key to your breakthrough success. (Forbes)

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is due to visit the scene of the 1976 Entebbe hostage rescue in Uganda, in which his brother, who led the raid, was killed. Israeli commandos freed more than 100 hostages held for a week at an airport terminal, in a daring operation. They returned to Israel on 4 July 1976.  Mr Netanyahu is also scheduled to visit Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda. (BBC)

A team from the Electoral Commission of Zambia is scheduled to leave soon to Dubai to monitor the printing of the ballot papers to be used for the August 11 general election, according to Priscilla Isaac, director of elections at the commission.The team is expected to be in Dubai until the end of July. (VOA)

What we need

In South Africa, insurance is often considered a luxury and many South Africans remain uninsured. Riovic has managed to lower insurance premiums between 40-60% through offering insurance backed by crowdfunding. Launched this year, it acts as a marketplace that connects those seeking insurance with investors who are willing to share the risk of a payout in exchange for returns in the form of premiums. It essentially turns insurance into an asset class for private investors, and allows them to step into the shoes of an insurance company. (howwemadeitinAfrica)

Civic Tech

In recent years, South Africa has tried to build its version of Silicon Valley at the tip of Africa, creating hubs in Cape Town and Johannesburg for startups and tech innovators. But, like Silicon Valley itself and more advanced economies, South Africa has a chronic shortage of developers, the would-be architects of this digital economy. (Quartz)

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The third Ghana Street Carnival started off in Accra with various cultural and artistic groups on parade to showcase the various faces of Ghana’s culture, creative arts and entertainment. The three-day event also saw the La Brea Nightingales Steel Band of Trinidad and Tobago leading the T&T delegation in attendance.

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