You should know

The Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) has called off the nearly week-long strike over an increase in fuel prices and electricity taxes. The union went on strike last week after the government raised the price of a gallon of gasoline from 86.50 naira ($0.43) to 145 naira or $0.73. (VOA)

Africa‘s economy is likely to grow 3.7 percent this year as resilient private consumption and investment offsets the effect of a slump in commodity prices and global headwinds, the African Development Bank (AfDB) said on Monday. (Reuters)

Representatives of 175 countries, including 57 heads of states or governments, will attend the world humanitarian summit, as the outgoing UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, attempts to restructure the way the world responds to humanitarian crises. (The Guardian)

Generation Next

Jobberman was started from a dorm room at the Obafemi Awolowo University. Fast forward to 2016, and Africa’s largest jobs website is one of the most recognisable startup success stories on the continent. Now, one of the founders, Opeyemi Awoyemi (@opeawo) and Passion Incubator’s Olufunbi Falayi (@olufunbi1are starting a fund to get behind the ideas of Nigerian university undergrads and recent graduates who are possibly building the next Jobberman. (Techcabal/BBC)

Civic Tech

Takunda Chingonzo (@tchingonzoh) is one of Africa’s youngest entrepreneurs. He is best known as a start-up entrepreneur, creating three innovative businesses since graduating from high school, but his talents have social enterprise at their core, working to better the future of Zimbabwe through the freedom of technology and information. (Africa-ME)

Arts & Culture

A center designed for the preservation and exhibition of the contributions of people of African descent in the United States is scheduled to open later this year. Known as the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the building represents efforts to construct such a project that extend back over 100 years. (Workers)

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