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As celebrations have been lined up across the world for this year’s Africa Day, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon’s said the continent’s economic prospects were looking positive despite the uncertain global economic landscape. What is good for Africa is good for the world.” was the secretary-general’s message on Tuesday ahead of Africa Day. (IOL)

Nairobi police used tear gas and water cannons to prevent demonstrators from assembling to protest the electoral commission, known as the IEBC.  Raila Odinga, Kenya’s former prime minister and current opposition leader, says the ruling party has “no choice” but to discuss the opposition’s demand for changes to the electoral commission. (VOA)

As the first UN World Humanitarian Summit drew to a close on Tuesday in Istanbul, some delegates pushed for a larger overhaul of the system. Participants in UN summit in Istanbul call for better aid system and new focus on preventing trouble before it begins.  (Aljazeera)


Twitter is transforming again, and this time the character limit is being tweaked. In a new post on the Twitter blog, the company has outlined several changes that should make Twitter a little easier to use – and they’ll be rolled out in the coming months. Twitter will still keep the 140 character limit it’s become known for, but now media attachments like photos, GIFs and videos won’t count towards it. (alphr)

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According to The National Center for Education Statistics, black women have recently emerged as the most educated population of people by race and gender in the United States. (

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The “Queens of Africa” doll line is already popular in Nigeria and throughout the African continent — in 2014 the dolls outsold Mattel in the Nigerian market. Now, Taofick Okyoya has announced that in addition to meeting with potential American distributors, he will be taking the dolls on “Coming to America” tour throughout the United States between May and July, with stops in Atlanta, New York, and Chicago scheduled.  (Huffington Post)

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