Africa Rizing is a new, digital media startup from the BBG connecting the next generation of global influencers from across the African continent and around the world to engage in, ‘a smarter conversation’.

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Our mission is to develop a global community that promotes new voices, amplifies new ideas, and brings young changemakers together to create innovative solutions to today’s challenges.

The team

From Accra, to Dakar, Abidjan and Lagos, our team is committed to discovering and amplifying the people, organizations and events representing the new Africa. By connecting you to our team of digital journalists, designers and developers, our goal is to include the communities we cover in a collaborative, iterative approach to telling the stories that matter to you.

Adam Martin

Executive Producer, @AdamJMartin

EP @AfricaRizing #DC #Accra #media #civicTech #diversity tiny letter writer and spotify playlist maker

Mel Bailey

Journalist, @MelB4freepress

Digital Media Specialist @VOA_News in #Dakar Formerly @NBCNews, @NYU Alumna mes tweets n'engage que moi

Selase Kove-Seyram

Journalist, @SelaseKove

Multimedia Producer / Freelance Journalist • @columbiajourn alumnus • I tell stories about Africa and my journeys across the world • New York • Accra

Victoria Okoye

Journalist, @Victoria_Okoye

Dreamer, writer, urban planner, @WIEGOGlobal urban advocate. Tweeting #urban development, #design, #publicspaces, #streetculture, etc. Carl Jung fan.

Eunice Onwona

Journalist, @eonwona

Never enough news, plane rides or food for this girl. Digital Media Specialist #DC #ACC

Coralie Saint-Louis

Social media editor, @CoralieSL

I don't know everything and I'm ok with that. Live & Learn. #ShamelesslyHaitian #HowardUniversityAlumna

Brian Williamson

Designer, @BrianWmson

Visual journalist and professional drawer. I design, illustrate, animate and write code to tell stories.